“The process from end to end was seamless.”

Investments of any size are never made without careful consideration, especially when it comes to a sizeable acquisition such as an investment property. When Jason originally approached us to present his proposal and recommendations it was met with a level of scepticism, “when something sounds too good to be true….” However Jason quickly gained our trust with a no pressure approach to review, research and evaluate the investment opportunity at our leisure. What we found was that Jason’s insight, knowledge and experience in relation to the proposed area, the property capital growth, the area market growth and general finance expertise, was over and above our expectations. Once we committed moving forward with the purchase, the process from end to end was seamless. Jason quickly rallied the finance personnel to walk us through the approval process and in no time at all we were refinanced and in a much better overall position. We would highly recommend Jason Young’s services to anyone who is looking for a sound long term investment opportunity.”

Darren Tyler and Heather Cooper

“Over all the deal was a real “Win Win” I must admit.”

This is a letter of gratitude to let you know that both my wife Roshni and myself are very pleased with the ‘House and Land package’ that we bought from NIS late last year. First of all it is a great location for an investment property or even to live in, as it has all the infrastructure required within reach.

The whole process from choosing the package to ‘final handover went really smooth and you were there with us in every step of the way Jo. Getting a tenant was not hard at all.

The stakeholders I dealt with in all phases of this project were professionals and were very easy to deal with. The property we bought certainly ticks all the boxes and both my wife and I are very happy that we bought this package from you Jo. You certainly have done your research before selecting the right property to suit your clients’ needs.

Over all the deal was a real a real “Win Win” I must admit.”

Elmo & Roshni Tharmaseelan

“Holding my hand throughout the whole process has made this a stress free and exciting process.”

Jo was a delight to deal with, this was my first investment and she has made the whole process simple and easy. Her personal and caring approach , holding my hand throughout the whole process has made this a stress free and exciting process. I want to thank her and all the team at National Investment Strategies”

Shanda Naidu, Victoria

“First time property investors”

We recently purchased our first investment property in Hervey Bay, QLD, with the assistance of Jason Young and the team at National Investment Strategies. The experience was excellent, and we could not be happier with the outcome.
The process for us has been stress free, thanks to Jason and the ongoing service we received. From our first meeting and throughout the process, every question was answered and the professionally presented information was outstanding.
Our completed house and land package has been leased, at above the original estimate, in a very short time by the managing agent organised by Jason and the team. The entire process was seamless and easy and every step was managed by the team on our behalf.
We are very happy with the service and have no hesitation in recommending Jason Young and team.”

Rob Ayoub & Laura Nobile, Sydney

We completed the build of our first investment property

The service which was provided to us by Jason Young and the team was outstanding!

The process for us has been a breeze, thanks to Jason and the team that were put in charge of our build making the journey of buying land and building a 4 bedroom house stress free.

We found from our initial meeting with Jason Young, he was helpful and he listened to everything we requested or answered all of our questions in a prompt and professional way providing facts, details and research we needed to making the decision.

Nothing has been a bother with every phone call answered at any time of the day.

They are a very professional team and were very helpful with communicating any updates and ensuring that all information was received throughout the entire steps, from signing the contract to the very end of the build and is still in contact today! Excellent customer service!

My husband and I are very happy with the service they have provided us and would highly recommend them.

J. Teremoana & T. Teremoana

No Pressure, Very Professional, and Easy to Deal With

The team cold called us. And we're glad they did. We were open to the idea of another investment property, so met with John. Over 2 meetings we had everything sorted. I have to say that that's an efficient way to drive our house land package- minimum time input, with NIS doing all the running around. That 's quite different to our first investment property, done through a 'club' we were in. The 'club' had lots of advice, but in the end we were doing everything ourselves. NIS's online portal makes it easy to check on our home's progress and all we have to do is sign the paperwork that is emailed to us. Whenever we talk with John he has all the answers on our property, so we're very happy to endorse NIS and have already been recommending to friends.

Craig & Margaret Patten

We were novices... made to feel empowered!

We were both skeptical to start with – how many times do you get these calls but we met with one of their team. Johann soon put us at ease taking us both slowly through the possibilities and later the process. They organized finance for us through Next Steps where again all steps were put out to us, any issues we had were stepped through until we felt comfortable. We being novices at investing in property were never felt to feel anything but empowered no matter what the questions we fired at them.

Annette Hamilton

A Gift Of Appreciation

After receiving your “gift of appreciation” earlier in the week, I have finally had the chance to sit down and see what it was all about.

Must say, I have been totally blown away by your very generous gift. Something never expected nor ever previously experienced.

I would like to extend my thanks to all of you that have made this “life impacting” journey so much easier and those working in the background whom I have not dealt with directly.

Like the majority, investing in a property (or like in this case two!) is a huge decision and can make or break my financial future. All of you have provided the right information, in a way that has been easy to understand, answered all my questions, put me in touch with the right people to get the job done and when a few little hiccups occurred along the way, jumped onto them quickly getting them sorted.

All of you have made a huge impact on my life and my financial future.

Thank you all.

Jay Cruickshank

Our NIS Experience Has Been Nothing But Positive

In 2015 we purchased a new build property through NIS. Throughout the entire purchase and build process we have been most impressed with their customer focus, attention to detail and willingness to resolve issues quickly. During initial discussions on investment options we never felt pressure to commit. The Sales Consultant provided what we felt were very well researched proposals with clear outlines of costs / options and realistic income forecast and growth estimates. He also made himself available at any time to answer any queries we had. Similarly with Finance, we were given a range of options with respective pros and cons clearly articulated and the eventual finance setup (which included refinancing of a separate investment property) setup was very straight forward. As the build process unfolded there was an issue with some potential construction delay by the chosen builder - We were informed early and readily kept updated, with the issue being smoothly resolved by the NIS management team. Our experience with NIS has been nothing but positive and we have no hesitation in recommending them as a property investment and development company.

Henry & Annmarie Pearce

Very Transparent... Nothing Hidden!

With NIS we know exactly what to expect. There was no sales pitch or sales pressure. We were presented with the information and options, and asked to make up our own minds.

For us, property is about the long term, as we're saving for our daughter's education and our retirement. We appreciate the way NIS made all the details their own headache. Nothing was ever a drama, including refinancing our existing properties to best structure them for taxation deductibility (and no cross collateralisation). I have to say their service was excellent, and we hope to use them again for the next property investment.

Siobhan Mackenzie

Communication Is Paramount

Your man Johann made the process of buying an investment home a painless easy one. Johann was extremely forthcoming with stats and the viability on selected areas for investment. There was no hidden agenda, and no hesitation in answering any question thrown at him. In the end we settled for Port Augusta with so many infrastructure developments occurring. Our investment is a positively geared one, and I have to say my wife and I went with NIS not just because of that, but because of trust. You see we lost about $100,000 on a previous investment property with another company. So we had to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN this time. And yep you guys passed every test.

Marc & Claudette Ritchie

NIS Made The Whole Process So Easy

NIS made the whole process so easy. It was a seamless flowing experience from October to June. Picking the land in Hervey Bay, sorting the house design, arranging the finance. My tax professional recommended these guys and I’m so glad they did. We expect to do another investment home with them next year.

Geoffrey & Shahni Black, Perth

First time property investors

Thanks Jo for holding our hands with our first time Investment.
You have conducted yourself very professionally, I would recommend Jo and NIS again.
Regards Stuart and Karen

Stuart and Karen Whelan, Melbourne

We normally do not meet with people without previous references or recommendation but this was an exception and I am glad we did it.

My partner and I met Jo basically by accident when we had in mind to seek for assistance to identify a plan for our retirement. We normally do not meet with people without previous references or recommendation but this was an exception and I am glad we did it.

Jo attended our house for meetings, adapting her schedule to our busy lives, she was very respectful and very patient helping us to understand why is a good idea to think on investment properties as a plan for our future and she explained step by step the process to do it. She clarified every single question and gave us the certainty we needed to take the decision to acquire our first investment property.
The path was a little long due to our personal circumstances; however, it was definitely easier having her “holding our hands” through the journey and keeping us updated on the progress with her always very friendly approach.
Today we are the owners of a property in Queensland when we never thought on doing something like that before meeting Jo!
We have never regretted following her advices. She has been an incredible and amazing support to reach our goal and probably we have not done it without her.
We highly recommend Jo and NIS to provide assistance and share her experience and knowledge when acquiring a property either locally or intestate.
She is so easy to deal with, we now consider her not only our adviser but a very good friend and definitely we will not hesitate a bit to work with her again when we are ready for our second investment property!

Dave Cervantes and Lorena Plunkett, Melbourne

Everything NIS said they would do was done.

It has been a good experience and everything NIS said they would do was done. Everyone we have dealt with including Next step, Burns Builders, Century 21, BMT and others have all been great to deal with especially David and Claire at next step they are wonderful people. Thank you

Grant & Rebecca O'Henly, Sydney